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Welcome to the site of the new Ghostbusters Franchise:
"Ghostbusters: Ecto Force"
              This is the BRAND NEW Fan-Fiction Ghostbusters franchise known only as Ghostbusters: Ecto Force .  Ecto Force combines the brain power of Brendan Mertz with the mechanical skills of Krystal Lennon, the adventure and cunning of Dakota Brown and the slyness and common sense of Ruffio V. Crapella.  The origin of this team is when two college boys (Ruffio and Brendan) decide they are tired of their boring college life and decide to take it apon themselves to go into a paraspycology business, dropping out of school.  When they get into some trouble they meet Dakota who introduces them to Krystal and they give birth to Ghostbusters: Ecto Force.  But just read the story to find out all the minor details.


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